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Safety warning issued over Weiss heat transfer units

A safety warning has been issued to homeowners using Weiss heat transfer units over fears they could catch fire.  Some models of the units are believed to contain a fault, and at least three have caught fire, WorkSafe New Zealand said.


A prohibition notice has been issued, warning customers who bought the units to immediately turn them off. A ban on their use and sale officially starts on Friday, June 20.

The Weiss units -- which operate in ceiling spaces and move air through ducts to heat houses -- were known to be sold in Mitre 10, but other shops may also have stocked them.  "Energy Safety's prohibition on sale and use is extended through to the 2012 production year as a precaution to ensure that the manufacturer's view that the issues were fixed at the 2010 production year can be substantiated by further investigation.


There have been three recent incidents involving fires in these units.  Consumers who suspected they have one of the units should switch if off immediately and seek advice from the manufacturer or a registered electrician.


* Energy Safety recommends that as with any electrical device, if consumers smell smoke or see fire they should immediately shut down the equipment and call the Fire Service.

The safety warning relates to Weiss Heat Transfer Units:
• FV 602  • FV 603  • FV 652  • FV 653  - which were produced prior to May 2012.

Energy Safety strongly recommends that consumer’s do not enter the roof space of their properties to check if they have one of these units and ask a registered electrician to to this work

If you have one of these units immediately turn it off and seek advice from the manufacturer on 0800 208 008, or contact Mr Electri City your local registered electrician if you are unsure.

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