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Fan Extraction

"HONEY, I need a band-aid, I just cut myself to bits with the razor again because you forgot to wipe down the steamed up mirror". Well if you had rung Mr Electri City like I told you to, they would have installed one of their high efficiency extraction fans by now and you wouldn't be in this mess again, and clean the blood off the vanity once you stop bleeding.


Mr Electri City has been installing new fan systems and changing existing ones. Our fans will not only clear your bathroom noticeably quicker, they will also increase the life of your bathroom so instead of painting walls you can relax. This process is extremely well priced and incredibly effective. We guarantee it!


While our fans will be more expensive than the special at the super centre but they will also move 3 to 6 times the air in the same amount of time. They are remarkable and look far better.


Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team are able to install all extraction fans into your home with minimal disturbance to you and your family. We will also be happy to talk you through the easy to use controls, it couldn’t be simpler!


Fan timers are very affordable and will run your fan for 7 minutes after you turn the switch off to ensure all the steam has been adequately removed from your bathroom.


To dramatically improve the ventilation in your bathroom call Mr Electri City now on 09 435 3183 and discuss with us our "easy clean" solution for your new fan set up.

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