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Home Ventilation

Do you live in a house in Northland? Do you find yourself waking up most mornings with condensation on your windows and a damp feeling in the air? Do you get that damp, cold feeling on your clothes when you first put them on? You're not alone!


Moisture and cold air is a constant problem with most homes across New Zealand; ultimately leading to mould, condensation and allergy problems which affect around 1 in 5 New Zealanders. Each one of these homes however has an area of dry warm air in the cavity roof above which is naturally heated by the sun on a daily basis.


Our Home Ventilation Kits utilise this naturally warm, dry air and distribute it evenly throughout your home. Mr Electr City has been solving this problem for families all over Northland in a very efficient and cost effective way. This process also naturally pressurises your home pushing all moist cold air out. This is not only good for the contents of your home, it will also make your home noticeably warmer leading to drier, healthier, happier home for you and your family.


Our electrical technicians are able to install your kit professionally and quickly but with minimal disturbance to you and your family. Our polite staff will happily talk you through the easy to use control panel at the end. We work very closely with our suppliers and are able to get all our kits at extremely competitive prices and at very short notice.

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